Welcome to Mexicana!


The Black Racist Theology followers must love this commercial! This is the definition of Success in their sick little minds. But why do ALL Progressives support this? Guilt? Hate of the White Man and evil America?

The Controversial Dodd/Frank Bill Creates New Offices of Minority and Women Inclusion, i.e Screw White Males (Your GrandSon?)  The commercial above is their view of a better world. But it goes much further!

Same for courts –  Black Panthers, Trayvon, FastAndFurious, Maxine Waters Corruption vs Arizona 1070, Gibson Guitar, Natural Born Eligibility!

So how does “the MOB” get in control of Courts, Banks and Corporations?

Once in control of Regulations, they make them so complex that eventually a company can be accused of failing to meet the requirements.  Then Management is replaced as part of negotiations.

Take Walmart for Example!

The media went crazy about $24,000 of supposed bribes by Walmart 10 years ago…  You will see their management installed and my prediction is soon you will see Unions and Forced Progressive Donations…  That is the plan and how they role! All imho of course!  Welcome to Mexicana!

Add this Marxist activity combined with the coming $$ collapse and we are headed towards trouble!


Maxine Waters Said there would be days like this..

Hugo Chavez’s Lawless Venezuela Grows More Lawless
IBD article talks about how Chavez just taking XOM assets.

Remember Maxine Waters Video?

Sad a U.S. President would stoop to this low.

Looks like the White House Insider was correct. Watch the hit piece on the Tea Party. Also remember the @FOXNEWS twitter scandal? Well turns out the accused hacker that hated FoxNews, tried to seed the same propaganda! Watch the videos in the article at:


This explains why they had to get rid of Herman Cain and quickly!