Maxine Waters Said there would be days like this..

Hugo Chavez’s Lawless Venezuela Grows More Lawless
IBD article talks about how Chavez just taking XOM assets.

Remember Maxine Waters Video?

Sad a U.S. President would stoop to this low.

Looks like the White House Insider was correct. Watch the hit piece on the Tea Party. Also remember the @FOXNEWS twitter scandal? Well turns out the accused hacker that hated FoxNews, tried to seed the same propaganda! Watch the videos in the article at:

This explains why they had to get rid of Herman Cain and quickly!

No Fan of Lindsay Graham, But..

DirectTV has feature which tells which program is being watched most by people in your area and nationwide. So I wanted to see what most people were seeing. So I recorded Meet The Press.

There was Lindsay Grapham, like Newt, brilliant at times and no common sense at times.

But Sunday, he was Right On! He turned the “The Tax Rich” issue on the Democrats and asked for the Number! What Tax Rate do they want to tax the Rich? Of Course they do not know. They just know the TeaParty is against raising taxes, made the Republicans take an Oath, and can therefore beat the Republicans over the head with the issue. Maybe even beat them out of the Presidency 2012.

You are back in my graces Lindsay Graham.

God Bless