U.S. about to fix Syria? While U.S. declines into Chaos.

Video, 1 1/2 hr  on the situation in Syria. You cannot make this stuff up. Would make an interesting movie. The question I have is why not let China, Russia, Iran, Egypt, Lybia any other country, maybe Cananda wants to help Syria. U.S.A. is broke. Fix that first. Before we fix Syria!



No Fan of Lindsay Graham, But..

DirectTV has feature which tells which program is being watched most by people in your area and nationwide. So I wanted to see what most people were seeing. So I recorded Meet The Press.

There was Lindsay Grapham, like Newt, brilliant at times and no common sense at times.

But Sunday, he was Right On! He turned the “The Tax Rich” issue on the Democrats and asked for the Number! What Tax Rate do they want to tax the Rich? Of Course they do not know. They just know the TeaParty is against raising taxes, made the Republicans take an Oath, and can therefore beat the Republicans over the head with the issue. Maybe even beat them out of the Presidency 2012.

You are back in my graces Lindsay Graham.

God Bless

I can see the Headlines Now! Republicans increase taxes!

I think we should raise taxes on the rich January 1, 2013 promising no more wasteful spending!

Here is my proposal. An increase of .13223424435 Percent.

Why this number in particular.

  • It is a huge number and would scare Liberals
  • It is a Percentage and Percentages scare liberals
  • The real key, Progressives will feel like they really made a difference, Really soaked the rich.  Therefore life (And Republicans) are more fair. 
  • At this rate you can call off the progressive dogs by raising the rate again every election! And still not have any substantial negative impact!

See how easy that is.  Now move on to solving real problems!

Hey Bidder, Bidder! Let The Bidding begin! Let The Democrats Raise Taxes as High as They Want!

What? Let The Democrats Raise Taxes as High as They Want!

Yes, you heard it right.  This Ex TeaPartier want the Republicans to let the Democrats raise taxes as high as they want!  Let us see the debate they have!

We know it will not raise any revenue.  But it will ensure a Republican victory in November, 2012.  So let the fun begin.

When we take over the House, Senate and Presidency with ease. We can fix it once the National Debt is paid off!